Indulge in a FAPECAFES fair trade coffee at our events across Europe

Jose.jpg21 September | 2017 Located in the mountains of southern Ecuador, Oikocredit partner FAPECAFES is an organisation of five cooperatives seeking to improve the conditions of its farmer members by commercialising fair trade and organic coffee. full story

How fair trade is helping smallholder coffee farmers succeed

Photo courtesy of Barista Magazine.jpg15 September | 2017 Fair Trade USA is the leading fair trade certifying body in North America, operating globally alongside the European-based Fairtrade International. Colleen Anunu, Fair Trade USA’s Senior Manager of Supply Chain, reflects on some of fair trade’s achievements and challenges, with a focus on the coffee sector. She also explains how Fair Trade USA and Oikocredit are teaming up to reduce price risks for coffee farmers. full story

Laura Pool appointed as chief risk officer

13 September | 2017 Laura Pool will become Oikocredit’s chief risk officer on 18 December, heading the risk department and joining the managing board. full story

Oikocredit Argentina awards innovation in microfinance

Argentina Award Paola photo.jpg31 August | 2017 Oikocredit is pleased to announce that Paola González from Programa Alumbra - Fundación Banco Macro is the winner of the Oikocredit Argentina Innovative Loan Officer award. The award was presented at the 11th annual summit on microfinance: The role of microfinance in financial inclusion held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 29 August. full story

Cooperatives supporting fruit farmers in northern Patagonia

PAI-newsitem-2.jpg10 August | 2017 Herminio Antonio Urrutia is 61 years old and has been a member of the fruit-growers’ cooperative Primera Cooperativa Frutícola in Argentina’s northern Patagonia for over 20 years, or as he puts it: “Ever since I started my own business!” full story

More coffee trees to fill another cup and support the smallholder farmer

Impexcor.jpg26 July | 2017 Whether you’re in need of a boost or you’re just the average coffee lover, waking up to the smell of roasted beans is what often gets us through the day. Coffee is easy to enjoy, however, we often don’t realise what it takes to get this wake-up cup into our hands. full story

Leading Agricultural Lenders Deploy $682 Million to Support Small Businesses and Farmer Livelihoods Globally

SODAR-RW-30.jpg19 July | 2017 Oikocredit and the 10 other members of the Council on Smallholder Agricultural Finance (CSAF) today announced in their newly published State of the Sector report that they provided $682 million in loans to 765 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) during 2016. full story

Strengthening People and Planet [interview]

Kawien 1.JPG04 July | 2017 As Oikocredit publishes its Social & Environmental Performance Report for 2016, Kawien Ziedses des Plantes, deputy director of social performance and capacity building, explains some of the thinking behind the organization’s approach to social and environmental performance. full story

40 million people, 84% being women, reached by organisations financed by Oikocredit

SEP report 2017 cover27 June | 2017 Today these results and more were released in Oikocredit’s Social and Environmental Performance Report for 2016. full story

Oikocredit annual general meeting elects supervisory board members, approves dividend

Joseph Patterson.jpg15 June | 2017 This week over 120 members and staff of Oikocredit International gathered for a week of meetings in Accra, Ghana, including the annual general meeting (AGM) and a conference with speakers from across Ghana’s financial inclusion sector. full story

Agriculture Report 2016 - Announcement

Agriculture report 2016 DEF cover.jpg08 June | 2017 Oikocredit's Agriculture Report for 2016 is now online. This report examines trends in the portfolio growth, quality and composition over the past four years. full story

Oikocredit delivers fresh insights into rural-urban poverty

Farmers-philippines-microfinance-rural-potatoes.jpg31 May | 2017 Supporting financial inclusion in low and lower income countries by investing in microfinance institutions (MFIs) is central to Oikocredit’s mission. However, as Thelma Brenes Muñoz of Oikocredit’s social performance team says: “We also want to know more about how this work affects the lives of the people receiving loans.” full story

World Fair Trade Day: Celebrating Oikocredit’s partners across the globe

manos 2.jpg12 May | 2017 Fair trade is defined as ‘a movement whose goal is to help producers in developing countries to get a fair price for their products so as to reduce poverty, provide for the ethical treatment of workers and farmers, and promote environmentally sustainable practices.’ full story

Kompanion Bank blends capital and business knowledge to create self-sustainable futures

KOMP-KG-39-cropped.jpg26 April | 2017 Kompanion Bank was established in 2004 to provide loans to small scale farmers, livestock herders and shepherds in Kyrgyzstan. It has been an Oikocredit partner since 2007. However, Kompanion is a bank with a difference because it not only provides micro loans to its clients but also offers them free business development training and technical assistance in order to promote sustainable agriculture and natural resource management. full story

Investing in healthcare and education

Sanatorio 9 de Julio's emergency and intensive care unit.jpg07 April | 2017 Besides Oikocredit’s focus areas of inclusive finance, agriculture, renewable energy and Africa, we finance partners that provide health and educational services in low-income communities, for example in Argentina. full story



FORO MICROFINANZA 1.jpg21 September | 2017 23:25 El XVII foro ecuatoriano de inclusión financiera se desarrolló en la ciudad de Guayaquil y congregó a aproximadamente 400 miembros de la industria de microcréditos, contó con la participación de expertos nacionales e internacionales. full story

Disfrute de un café FAPECAFES de comercio justo en nuestros eventos en toda Europa

Jose Apolo21 September | 2017 22:09 Ubicada en las montañas del sur de Ecuador, la asociada de Oikocredit FAPECAFES es una organización de cinco cooperativas que buscan mejorar las condiciones de sus miembros campesinos mediante la comercialización de comercio justo y café orgánico. full story

V Cumbre Mundial del Cacao

CMC.2.JPG05 September | 2017 19:53 La quinta edición de la Cumbre Mundial del Cacao se llevó a cabo en la ciudad de Guayaquil, y tuvo como objetivo continuar fortaleciendo el nivel científico y comercial del cacao ecuatoriano tanto en Ecuador como en el exterior. La cumbre reúne a todos los involucrados en el sector cacaotero para tratar temas de producción, tecnificación, comercialización e industrialización. Más de 200 citas fueron programadas para el encuentro que precedió a la inauguración de la V Cumbre y al que asistieron representantes de Chile, Estados Unidos, Canadá, China, Alemania, Rusia, Reino Unido, Francia, Italia, Holanda, Nicaragua, Argentina y Brasil. full story

8vo. Foro Asomicrofinanzas

ASOMICROFINANZAS II.JPG25 August | 2017 19:10 La octava edición del Congreso de Asomicrofinanzas se desarrolló en Medellín y congregó a aproximadamente 300 miembros de la industria de microcréditos, contó con la participación de expertos nacionales e internacionales. full story

Don’t get roasted – managing coffee risk

Frank+photo.jpg04 May | 2017 16:17 Un grupo de miembros del staff de Agricultura de Oikocredit acaba de regresar del Global Specialty Coffee Expo organizada por la Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) en Seattle, Washington. Este año más de 11.000 organizaciones de la industria participaron en este importante evento. full story

Oikocredit auspiciante en el VIII Foro Internacional Latinoamericano de Banca Comunal

foro banca comunal.jpg04 May | 2017 16:12 Oikocredit tiene el honor de ser auspiciante de categoría Oro en el VIII Foro Internacional Latinoamericano de Banca Comunal, que se realizará en septiembre del 2017 en la ciudad del Cusco – Perú. full story

Oikocredit continúa operaciones en Ecuador después del devastador terremoto

29 March | 2017 22:28 El 16 de abril de 2016, un terremoto de magnitud 7.8 estremeció la costa de Ecuador provocando la muerte de 661 personas y lesionando a 27,732*. El personal de Oikocredit Ecuador, con base en Quito, no se encontraba en las áreas afectadas por el terremoto. Este terremoto fue seguido por otros más pequeños, así como por temblores y réplicas. full story

Taller de fortalecimiento en gestión financiera.

Taller jaen.jpg29 March | 2017 22:08 Basado en la misión de Oikocredit y la estrategia de asistencia técnica, Oikocredit llevó a cabo el taller de socios de agricultura para la SANR. full story

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