Looking for credit?

If you are part of a cooperative, a financial intermediary, a small or medium sized enterprise, a fair trade organization or a NGO, located in one of our region's focus countries (Ecuador, Colombia and Peru), fulfilling the criteria and with a business plan aligned with Oikocredit's ethics, you may qualify for a loan from Oikocredit. 

Oikocredit's criteria are formulated to ensure the fullfilment of our mission. If you are looking for a loan and you think your initiative meets our criteria, our local office in your country will further inform you and lead you through the application process.

If your project is financially feasible, a loan will stimulate the sustainable development of your community. But it is very important that the loan matches the needs of your project.

Our regional office keeps a close follow-up of all the projects. Should any difficulty arise, the regional office will work with you to find a solution.

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